Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

If your Canon Printer Ink sees regular usage, then it is imperative that you change it frequently as a routine part of printer maintenance. Check the status of the installed ink cartridges by opening an access door from the top or the front of the unit. When print quality declines due to faded or missing colors, then you may want to access the cartridges to replace the empty ones to return the printer’s output back to its normalcy. You can follow these procedures when your FINE cartridges run out of ink.

Canon Printer Ink

FINE Cartridges Handling

  • The print head nozzles and electrical contacts should remain untouched
  • If tampered, the FINE cartridges may not print properly
  • Use specified Canon brand FINE Cartridges to maintain optimal print quality
  • Ink refilling of FINE cartridges is not recommended

Canon Printer Ink Replacement

  • Replace a FINE Cartridge immediately if you remove it from its area
  • The machine should not be left in state once the cartridges are removed
  • Replacement of cartridges should be accomplished with genuine Canon FINE cartridges
  • Always ensure that you use fresh cartridges because installing used ones can clog the nozzles
  • Install FINE Cartridges in the machine within the date indicated on the package box to maintain print quality
  • It is also best to use FINE cartridges within the first six months of use
  • When you install the cartridges it is recommended that you write down the date

Using Cartridges Even After They Run Out

You can print with either Color or Black FINE Cartridge or whichever ink remains if whenever a FINE Cartridge runs out of ink. When compared to printing with full cartridges, the print quality, however, may be reduced. At the same time, in order to obtain optimum print qualities, it is recommended to use new FINE Cartridges. Print with leaving the empty FINE Cartridge installed even when printing with one ink only. An error occurs and the machine cannot print if either the Color FINE Cartridge or the Black FINE Cartridge is not installed.

Note: For all Canon Printer Ink issues, configurations and settings, refer to the guide that comes along with the package.

Other Precautions

Even when printing a black-and-white document or when black-and-white printing is specified, color ink may be consumed. During the standard cleaning and deep cleaning of the Print Head, there are chances that every ink is consumed. This process is required to maintain the machine’s performance. It is best to replace FINE Cartridges immediately with new ones when the ink runs out.

Loading Canon Printer Ink

  • Open the Paper Output Tray and make sure that the printer’s power is turned on
  • Hold the Scanning Unit cover open with the help of the Scanning Unit Support
  • Allow the Fine Cartridge Holder to move into position to perform replacement

Note: When replacing cartridges be careful not to stain your clothing or your hands with ink. Use a dry cloth or the like to wipe ink off from the inside of the machine. Users can always refer to the Getting Started printed manual for details on cleaning.

  • Lift the Scanning Unit Cover with the Document Cover closed when opening it
  • The FINE Cartridge Holder moves to the right if the Scanning Unit (Cover) is left open for more than 10 minutes
  • In such a case, just close and reopen the Scanning Unit Cover

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