Canon Printer App

Print anything from virtually anywhere with the Canon Printer App, earlier known as the Canon Pixma. From select Cloud services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. The app conveniently avoids the need for proximity while letting you connect wirelessly. You can review your documents and manuals, check the printer settings and initiate a print from your mobile itself.

Main Functions of the App

  • The app performs Image Data Printing where users just have to choose image or a collection of images from the Photo Albums
  • If you have just taken a photo, then perform Photograph Printing
  • You can link a wide variety of applications to print different types of files such as PDF, Microsoft Office files and iWork files
  • A Microsoft Office file can be printed with its original layout with the help of the Data Conversion Service on the internet along with a layout correction function
  • Accomplish Web Pages Printing by entering a URL and displaying a web page, accessing a bookmark and searching with keywords

Features of the Canon Printer App

  • Easily set paper sizes and alter print settings quickly
  • At a single time, you can print up to 20 images
  • The app comes with several print settings such as the number of pages, color mode, 2-sided printing and much more
  • Print data storage facility available in multi-function devices and printers
  • Search manually by specifying the IP address/DNS of automatically detected devices on a network
  • Both wired and wireless network devices supported by the app

Download and Install the Canon Printer App

  • To start download it is important to check the connection environment for your network
  • The Canon device and the access point should be connected via a wireless LAN or by the LAN
  • Additionally, your mobile terminal’s Wi-Fi settings should be enabled and connected
  • Once all of the above are verified and functional, download and install the Canon Mobile Printing app

Device Selection

  • Select the file, web page or image or even collection of images that you want to print
  • Then open the PREVIEW Screen of the CANON Printer APP
  • Now, click on PRINTER and select the device you wish to use for printing purposes from the SELECT PRINTER screen
  • Thereafter, you may have to click on CONFIRMING DEVICE INFORMATION to confirm the details of the information of the printer device that you have selected
  • For first time device registration, you must perform either the AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY OF A DEVICE ON THE SAME NETWORK or MANUAL SEARCH BY SPECIFYING IP ADDRESS/DNS

First Time Device Registration

  • The Canon Printer App allows you to register up to 10 devices at a time from the SELECT PRINTER screen
  • Perform a search after deleting a registered device and CONFIRMING DEVICE INFORMATION especially if you already have 10 devices registered
  • Choose AUTO SEARCH in the event the device is not discovered by the SELECT PRINTER option
  • Under MANUAL SEARCH enter the IP address of the device
  • For absolutely undiscoverable devices, you may want to check the network settings, the router and the settings at the mobile terminal
  • Finally, in the case of non-connectivity and non-discovery, it is recommended to contact your network administrator

Auto Discovery Process

  • Click on AUTO SEARCH in the SELECT PRINTER screen to display the list of discovered devices

Note: Conduct MANUAL SEARCH BY SPECIFYING IP ADDRESS/DNS if your device is not displayed

  • Click on ADD after selecting the device and you will see the device registered automatically on the SELECT PRINTER screen

Manual Search Process

  • From the SELECT PRINTER screen tap on MANUAL SEARCH
  • In the space provided, enter the DNS NAME OF THE DEVICE or the IP ADDRESS of the device
  • If you have entered the IP ADDRESS then a separate process called HOW TO CONFIRM THE IP ADDRESS OF THE DEVICE
  • Otherwise, for DNS you have to enter the FQDN or the HOST NAME to perform the search process

Note: FQDN will include domain name, subdomain name and the format that includes the host name.

Tips and tricks to avoid errors while using the app

  • Check the app compatibility and if it is not compatible you can try uninstalling it and re-installing it once again
  • Restart the device that you use and check if the errors still remain
  • Double check and make sure that the network connection is active and secure

If you want more information about the Canon printer app download and installation, call our technical experts through the toll-free number visit