Canon Pixma MX490 Setup

Canon Pixma MX490 is absolutely a multi-function printer that helps to deal with all your daily tasks such as printing, copying, scanning, and fax seamlessly. Latest features such as Google CloudPrint, AirPrint, mobile printing etc. are incorporated in the Pixma, where the user can get comfortable instant printing options. Multiple computers can be connected, and so this will be a perfect choice for high volume printing works. In this blog, you will find assistance to complete Canon Pixma MX490 setup process through easy to follow guidelines.

Canon Pixma MX490 Setup
Canon Pixma MX490 Setup

Notable Features

  • Additionally, this printer model comes up with a software application called ‘My Image Garden’, which lets the user utilize their favorite printing features like filters and HD movie print options
  • With outstanding connectivity options, take instant print outs from various locations
  • Also, the printer is available in compact size, thereby it is easily portable one too

What to do Before you can Begin the Setup for Your Canon MX490

  • This printer has a power lamp which will be lit whenever you turn on the device
  • To begin with, take the power cord from the package and using the power cord, connect the printer to the power outlet
  • Turn on the printer. Make sure you connect it using the correct adapter
  • To power up, push the power button in the top left corner control panel keypad
  • Turn on the control panel display by pressing the copy button, which is available on the top left corner of four button panel

Quick Tip: All devices are accompanied by the adapter. Try using this and avoid using duplicates unless absolutely necessary

The Actual Wireless Setup

  • For setup, press the setup button in the bottom right corner of the four-button panel
  • The navigation keys (right and left) will help you reach the correct menu option and OK button to confirm a selection
  • The setup menu will first search for the wireless router source for wireless LAN connection
  • Make sure you have turned on your router. If possible, place it closer to your printer so that there no hindrances during initial setup
  • Press the OK button and the printer will scan for the available internet networks
  • Press the arrow button to scroll the available networks, and select your network from the list
  • Now press the Ok button two times by selecting the network, and enter your Wi-Fi password credentials and connect to the internet network

Once you successfully complete this wireless Canon Pixma MX490 setup, you can reach out to your printer for printing, copying or faxing wirelessly. But in case, you have issues with your wireless router and want to connect directly to your router, then move on to the next section on this article.

The Orthodox Wired Setup

  • Access the setup button on the device.It will be found on the display panel
  • With the help of the navigation buttons, reach out to the Device settings
  • And then, use the OK button. This will always confirm any selection that is made by you
  • Next, go to the LAN settings. And access the Change LAN option
  • You can now make changes to the SSID by accessing the Access point mode
  • Verify the information on the printer. You may also need the info at a later point in time during the setup
  • Now, check the network key and begin the setup for the Canon printer

Refer the below information to know more about Canon Pixma MX490 driver download and installation steps

Canon Pixma MX490 Driver Setup (Windows & iOS)

You can install the Canon Pixma MX490 driver either using the CD-ROM or download from the link

  • Install the driver in your computer and click the next button to start the setup
  • In the first place, a prompt will appear and select your mode of connection (USB/Wireless LAN)
  • Ensure your printer is turned on before making the connection and accept the terms and conditions in the next pop-up
  • Once the printer model is detected, select your printer name and click next to proceed with the Canon Pixma MX490 setup
  • The installation progress will start and all the packages will download. Wait for few minutes until the complete download
  • Click the complete button and move on to setup step
  • The print head alignment screen will display and at this time, load the printer with a stack of paper
  • After getting a sample print out page, click the complete button to end the setup process

Restrictions that Ought to be Considered

Though the connection and setup of these machines are easy, they too have a few restrictions that must be taken into consideration.

  • You can connect any number of devices to the same printer. However, use the same connection type for all devices
  • You can change to a different connection method. In which case, all current connections will be disabled
  • Some connectivity techniques will differ according to the router and its settings
  • Contact the router manufacturer to learn how to establish a connection with it

Despite these Canon Pixma MX490 setup restrictions, we are sure that you can complete the setup process in no time. For on-call assistance for completing the network or direct connections with your Canon printer, visit our website

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