Canon Printers – Completing Setup on

Canon printing machines have a long history and have to cater to both the domestic and the industrial sectors. There are several reasons why you must choose one of their printer models and setup it up on, with a few reasons listed here below;

  • Economical prints for black and white and color documents or images
  • Efficient printing, scanning, copying and faxing
  • Ease of access with a touch screen display for most models
  • Some devices also support auto-duplexing, convenient two-sided printing
  • Long-lasting cartridges with up to 6 cartridge tanks
  • Label printing too is available on certain Canon models

Features of Canon Printers


Setup Instructions for a Windows PC

The guidelines available on website are applicable to all Windows OS versions with the exception of the server-client versions. And before you begin, check your box and make sure it has all of the below-mentioned items without fail;

Canon Printer Setup

  • Printer
  • Power adapter
  • Ink tanks
  • Easy setup guide
  • Installation CD

If you are sure that all these components are available and they look like they do not have any physical damages, then you can continue with the setup process. If otherwise, we urge you to immediately send the device for a replacement; even if there is a small dent on your Canon printer or a damage in any of the other printer components such as the ink tank or the power adapter. You will need the installation CD and the quick setup guide for successfully completing the setup on

Initial Setup and Power Settings

Every printer is accompanied by numerous tapes and clips that hold it in place during any transits. However, you must make sure that you remove all of them without fail before putting the printer to good use.

  • You may find them on the lid covering the scanner glass, the touch screen display, cartridge access door and also in the ink tanks.
  • And to power up your Canon printer, always use the power adapter and the power cord that accompanied your device.
  • This rule must be followed at least for the first-time setup which will ensure that your printer is not affected by any electrical surges or fluctuations.
  • Then, use the POWER button, found under the scanner glass in most cases, to turn on the printing machine.

Canon Printer Installation

Accessing the Printer Settings

  • Access to the printer and its settings is available through the touch screen panel found on the anterior side of your printer.
  • Some models have a touch screen panel whereas others still stick to the traditional button style.
  • So, whichever is available on your device, use it to setup a few initial settings such as language, date and location.
  • It also helps you gain control of your device when you are setting it up on

Connection and Ink Tank Setup

The ink tank is like the heart of the printer without which it can never perform print or copy functions. Therefore, it is essential that you complete the setup of these ink tanks very carefully, without causing any contact or physical damages. Once caused, the ink tanks will remain crippled for the rest of their lives and you may have to look forward to replacements very soon.

Canon Printer Ink

  • Color code these ink tanks and install them in the right slots and also ensure that they do not have any leaks or contact issues.
  • When they are connected to your PC, they must all indicate that they are full and if not, you can send for a replacement immediately.
  • Similarly, connectivity to another device helps the printer receive documents or images that it must further process.
  • These connections can be of three different types and they are entirely dependent on the machine.
  • Some models support only a USB and a wireless connection and some only a USB and a LAN connection. Only few devices support all the three types of connections.

To learn which connection type is supported on your device, you can call our support team at our toll-free number 24/7. These connection types will eventually help your device complete the setup on

What if the Printer Supports WPS

In order to complete a WPS setup on your Canon printer, make sure that the device satisfies the following;

  • Availability of a push button
  • Ability to connect to Wi Fi
  • Network must be WPA or WPA 2 protected

If and only if the above conditions are satisfied, will you be able to successfully setup using the WPS method. Otherwise, you must resort to other means of setting up the device with your PC or other mobile devices. And the steps involved in the process include;

  • Power on the printer
  • Choose the Wi-Fi button
  • Only once should the indication lamp flash
  • It will be a blue color light in most models
  • Then, choose the WPS button
  • Until you establish a network connection, the indication light is blinking
  • You will see two lights if the connection is successful

how to connect canon printer to wifi


Need Help For Your Canon Printer?

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Communication with your PC

Canon Printer Drivers

  • PC communications happen through printer device drivers and other firmware.
  • These can be easily downloaded from a trusted support site such as us and can be installed on any PC that has a compatible OS version.
  • When you are first-time printer user, we would suggest that you install a full-feature driver that satisfies all of the printer functions.
  • If you are an existing user and want to update a driver, then it is always better to choose the correct set of driver files and install them accordingly.
  • For instance, you can find OS specific drivers or even function specific drivers on our website for download (

Issues commonly faced during setup

Setup can be tricky for a few users and in which case, you can take help from our support team available at our 24/7 toll-free number. Common issues include setup and installation, driver and software and factory defaults.